Research Center of Excellent PUPPK

Pusat Unggulan Pulau-Pulau Kecil 

(Research Center of Excellent of Small Islands)

This website is being developed, and under reviewed by Indonesian Research and Technology Minister Program for further funded in achieving a future excellent program of the development of small islands firstly in Maluku province that consisted of about 1340 small islands and 4 main big islands such as Seram Island, Buru Island, and Wetar Island. From these 1340 small islands, we have already identified the names of the islands about 970 islands and about 452 small islands are still unnamed, and secondly to the contribution of scientific and technology contributions of the whole world on earth.

The following Fig. 1. is just a part of our first step research in changing the marine waste materials to be something much more valuable to the society and the profit of the people income in the varieties of small islands conditions.

Poster-Support Riset Unggulan Pulau-pulau Kecil

How we started our research center of excellent in order to develop the small islands is described in the following Fig. 2 

Fig. 2-Research Center of Excellent PUPPK

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