Researcher-R. Talapessy, M.Sc

Ronaldo Talapessy, M.Sc,

Special Member of PPNRI-LEMLIT

When was at Tual 4 1st MSFT International Conference from 18-21 August 2015

My Short Academic Description:
I graduated from Physics Department, FMIPA, Pattimura University in 2005. 5 years later after working hard as a junior lecturer at that mentioned department, I then got a M.Sc scholarship and studied at Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Yogyakarta and 2 years later in 2012, I finished my M.Sc in the field of electronics and instrumentation of Physics department, UGM. Currently, I also work as a special researcher at Nanotechnology Research Center and Innovative Creation called in Indonesia name as PPNRI-LEMLIT. During my career, I had supervised about 15 B.Sc students and also done many individual researches either using my own research grant or a national competitive research grants. My current field is about integrated nanodevice and its electronics system.

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