Contributions of PPNRI-LPPM

Contributions of PPNRI-LPPM


Nanotechnology Research Center and Innovative Creation


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 Coming Multidisciplinary Research Center of Excellent

 (                                                              ( MrCE)


Our contributions are vary from world scientific contributions to many types of real impacts in our society particularly in our complicated small islands environment. 

to be published Working like KataK diLuAr TEMpurUng, 12-3-2016


NEWS !: Our 1st invited paper has been IN PRESS at JESE B 4 (2015) pp. 620-623:

JESE B 4, pp.620-623, 2015

Our Work among 12 IBM Nanotechnology Centers, 30th Dec. 2015

Our Philosophy of Our contribution:

Excellence in small thing 4 the greatest achievement

Our Outer Research Joy & Activities: “Thinking like a child, Working like A Prof”:

Thinking like a child, working like a prof, 18 Jan 2016

Our Researh Students Thesis Contributions

(2nd from left to right: Ruth K., S.Si; Nisye S.P., S.Si; Murniati O., S.Si;
5th, Maggie T., S.Si; 6th, Florensia S., S.Si ):

with Kacinsa nd Bella-5 reserch students-10399513_1680575425537940_7496848590242649896_n

Submitted yours at ACS Journals:

submitted yours at ACS

Our current accepted paper:


Journal: The Journal of Physical Chemistry
Part: Part C: Energy Conversion and Storage, Optical and Electronic Devices,
Interfaces, Nanomaterials, and Hard Matter
Section: C: Physical Processes in Nanomaterials and Nanostructures
Please note that the final decision on journal Part and Section remains with the
journal Editors.

Title: "Length Dependence of Ultrafast Optical Nonlinearities in Vertically Aligned
Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Films"
Authors: Elim, Hendry; Zhu, Yan Wu; Sow, Chorng Haur
Manuscript ID: jp-2016-03651r.R3

Visitation of Matthew MaloyScience & Technology Officer, U.S. Embassy Jakarta:

Visiting of US Embassy, Jakarta Science & Tech-Mathew

Our 1st Christmas Celebration after building since 24th April 2015 on SaTurDay, 19th Dec. 2015

19th Dec. 2015-1st PPNRI-LEMLIT Christmas

NEW NEWS: The Output of our 1 day seminar with the international speaker: Dr. Bernard Mayer, Hamburg Univ., Germany and the national or regional speaker  from ITB, Bandung: Dr.rer.nat. Mutiara R. Putri as follows:

Seminar sehari FMIPA-Phys-PPNRI,27-10-2015

1 Day Seminar Captured

Our People & Facilities: Not about The size, BUT about The Quality

God, Scientist and Science, 19th Oct. 2015

Our 1st Invited Speaker’s proceeding paper (Dr. H.I. Elim (Elim Heaven), Fabrication of Novel Fibers from Rejected Ocean Materials and Their Potential Applications) published from 1st International Basic Science Seminar from FMIPA-UNPATTI, Ambon, Indonesia on 3rd June 2015:

Proceeding, 1st International semnar FMIPA-UNPATTI, 2015-Invited speaker, 3-6-2015

Our Contributions to society:

1. Pattimura university Science Fair 2015: Our Novel Fibers from many types of garbage (rubbish materials in nature).


2. Our contribution to Murnaten Agriculture High School, West Seram, Maluku, Indonesia on SaTurDay, 17th January 2015.


3. Our Voluntary Contributions to a variety of societies:

Our Voluntary Contributions to a variety of societies

4. Maluku 2016 Educational Festival: (Here a photo of My 2 research students: Bellatrix Matitakapa & Murniati Ode with Indonesia Minister of Culture and Primary & Secondary Education: A.R. Baswedan (Anies Rasyid Baswedan, Ph.D (born 7 May 1969 in Kuningan) ) with our souvenir for the visitor in our staff: An International Educational System from Dr. H.I. Elim)

Bellatrix Matitakapa, Anis Baswedan, Murniati Ode- 1456714457608

Our International Conference Contributions:

1. A Keynote speaker at 1st International Seminar in Basic Science, 3rd -4th June 2015, FMIPA, UNPATTI, Ambon, Indonesia

My 1st Presentation as A Keynote Speaker from Lab. N4PN & PPNRI-LEMLIT

2. Our 1st Research Group at 1st International Conference on Applied Marine Sciences and fisheries Technology (MSFT), Tual, Maluku, Indonesia on 18th – 21st August 2015. 2 Senior Researchers plus 5 research students came there.

“The Wiseman: A Hard Working Person is sitting among kings and honor people” (Prov. 22:29)

With Prof. Hans Glise, and Wife of a famous Scientist-DSCN7561



Our friends met during our conference journey: We are “kalifah” a foreigner and a stranger on earth:


With KM Tidar and Banda Island background on 17th August 2015

3. Our 1st International collaboration paper selected to be published at AMR at QiR 14th (later we withdrawn this paper due to technical changes of the journal from the conference committees) International Conference in Lombok, Indonesia on 10th – 13rd August 2015. About over 500 attendees from at least 17 countries: One of the biggest International Conference in Quality in Research in Indonesia.

with Prof. A.H=Herman Yuwono-DSCN4934We studied PhD at the same in take, I finished it 1st on 13 Dec. 2005, But he got His Prof.  faster than Me.



One of the symposium room from many rooms, Hotel Lombok Garden plus Hotel Lombok Raya.


We are open to anyone who is eager to do a great job under an excellent collabaoration with us:


Please contact us directly at: Hendry Izaac Elim, Ph.D (private HP.: +62-81248677107 )





A Plenary Speaker at  International Seminar about Character Building Through Educational Sciences on 13rd-14th November 2015 in Ambon.

Our B.Sc in Physics Department of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences:

[1]. Just graduated on 16th March 2016 from their final thesis exams: Vico Lelufna, S.Si and Aida Retno Sari, S.Si. (Note: S.Si = B.Sc)

Foto setelah ujian sarjana s.Si-Vico Lelufna dan Aida Retno Sari, 16-3-2016

[2]. James Hematang, S.Si

With James Hematang 12802995_761858703944352_5096463773604647833_n

Social Contribution in Alumni:

[1]. ITB Alumni, 4 example our dinner with New Leader Dr. Ridwan @ Panorama Restaurant, 4th April 2016

Father & Son are 1 in 1 Holy Spirit, ITB Alumni in Ambon dinner with new leader, 4-4-2016



PROFILE            RESEARCH               GROUP               CONTRIBUTIONS         Publications

  1.     Coming Multidisciplinary Research Center of Excellent                                                                 ( MrCE)