Excellence Research Fields

Excellence Research Fields of LEMLIT-UNPATTI

Rewards 4 researchers in Indonesia, 21st Jan. 2016

At Pattimura university, we had at least 8 main research fields of excellence as follows

[1]. Oceanography and Marine Research of Excellence (O & MRE)

[2]. Research of Excellence at Fishery Products based on Ecosystem Approach (RE@FPEA)

[3]. Food Production with Industrial Orientation Research of Excellence (FPIORE)

[4]. Research of Excellence in Spicy & Medicine Development based on Natural Products (REiS&MDNP)

[5]. Nanotechnology and Innovative Creation Research of Excellence (N&ICRE)

In this N&ICRE, we are conducting simple research related to novel works developed from many types of rubbish (garbage) as well as pollution research on earth connected to space. This field is mainly supported by PPNRI-LEMLIT leading by Dr. H.I. Elim (Elim Heaven) and His collaborations.

Hendry-Gino&Rafael, 20-1-2016, Wednesday

[6]. Environmental, Disaster and Whether Changing Research of Excellence (EDWCRE)

[7]. Research of Excellence in Energy and Future Energy (REE&FE)

[8]. Educational, Culture and Local Wisdom Research of Excellence (ECLWRE)

Our Maluku Local Wisdom, 28th Jan 2016

These 8 main research of excellence topics are connected each other with many types of our multidisciplinary researchers and government leaders as well as our international collaborators.