World Scientists

World Scientists

“Science without Scientist is lame, and Scientist without GOD is incomplete yet”

The following are few important scientists listed as the leaders in their fields and these fields are connected very closely to our works at Pattimura university:

[1]. Life Science of DNA and Bio-molecular

1.1. Prof. Dr. Bruce Alberts, a prominent biochemist with a strong commitment to the improvement of science and mathematics education. 


1.2. In Progress


[2]. Physical Science and Engineering

2.1. Prof. Dr. EDWARD WITTEN, A Prominent Physicist

Edward witten, Princeton

2.2. In Progress

2.3. In Progress

2.4. In Progress

21st Century best inventions based on TIME magazine:

21st century best inventions

[3]. Social Sciences and Economics

3.1. Can A Social scientist prove their scientific finding which works independently in time and places ?

3.2. In Progress


[4]. Art Sciences and Culture

4.1. Just a comparison of Art-Scientific ContributionJungian archetypes

4.2. In Progress


[5]. World Theologians (Experts in Religious Field) 

5.1. Famous Theologians

5.2. In Progress

Everybody passed away, But GOD, Dio Spirito is eternal Living Man of Heaven & Earth


[1]. The 10 Most Influential Scientists of the 20th Century

[2]. Famous Women Scientists

World Academy of Art & Science

If you have a remarkable achievement:

[1]. World Academy of Art and Science (

[2]. In Progress