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Why Physics of Nanoscience, Nanotechnology & Nanomedicine (Watch Mr Chairman)


Nanotechnology Research Center and Innovative Creation (PPNRI)


How we grow and improve in many different changes and obstacles :

“Just like a prophet said “we ONLY depend on GOD alone who is our Love, Strength, and Honor”


Our achievement in the last 4 challenges (“Hotumese”) years (24th April 2015 to 24th April 2019) has been marvelously incredible with the international publication output always double annually (1+2+4+8 = 15 papers,  plus on 17th August 2019 in the day of 74th birthday of Indonesia country, there are already 10 international  high quality papers with the total number of pages of 74, or currently the total outputs are up to 28 original works of international publication), plus 3 text books in 2018. 

It is interesting to point out that in the last 5 years of adventure in developing Physics of Nanoscience, Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine (P-NNN) at PPNRI, we have published the total 166 pages of up to 28 international breakthrough papers in various journals including 3 of them in Q1 Scopus indexed journals.

Thanks for all the members and collaborators contribution. May GOD (YaHWeH) always bless upon your contributed works for others world wide.

The discovery of New Golobe and it’s amazing healing system, SCIENCE NATURE Vol. 2(1), pp. 66-70 (2019)

We Contribute, Not Ask (H.I. Elim, Ph.D)

Our PPNRI-LEMLIT was just built 52 years plus 1 day after Pattimura Univ. was established on 23rd April 1963 by The 1st Indonesia President, Ir. Soekarno (graduated from ITB, Bandung) with his formal letter No. 66. 

This big university in a small pretty island with ~400,000 people has about 24,000 students from 9 faculties plus 1 post graduate Institute. Therefore, 6% (24,000/400,000 * 100%) of the islands people are scholars at Pattimura univ.

Our herbal medicine products called as Herbal BlesSing of Pattimura university:

What we can do for the research development of our country:

RIRN UNPATTI, 25th Jan. 2016

We WORK 4 Others NOT 4 ourself:

Congratulation to Our Leader: H.I. Elim, Ph.D for his achievement

as the 16th best Indonesia Scientists (

among 3 top nano-technology Scientist from Indonesia top 272 Scientists:

the 5th. Dr. Ferry Iskandar, ITB, Bandung.

the 22nd. Prof. Dr. Mikrajuddin Abdullah, ITB, Bandung.

16th rank among ~272 Indonesia best scientists, 2nd May 2016

RIRN Universitas Pattimura, 26th Jan. 2016

We serve others for a better future of their life

Our Publications (PPNRI-LPPM last 5 years) :


[1]. Hendry Izaac Elim (Elim Heaven), Ronaldo Talapessy, Rafael Martinus Osok, Sawia, and Eliyas Andreas, From Rubbish to a Large Scale Industry: A Simple Fabrication of Superfiber with Multitasking Applications, Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering B 4 (2015) 620-623doi:10.17265/2162-5263/2015.11.007.


[2]. H.I. Elim, Y.W. Zhu, and C.H. Sow, Length Dependence of Ultrafast Optical Nonlinear in Vertically Aligned Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Films, J. Phys. Chem. C 120(31), 17733-17738 (2016).

[3]. H.I. Elim, R. Talapessy, and N.A.B.R. Sari, WATER CONTAMINATED CaCO3 AND ITS OPTICAL PROCESS OF AGGREGATION, International Journal of Health Medicine and Current Research, Vol. 1, Issue 01, pp. 102-108 (2016). DOI: 10.22301/IJHMCR.2528-3189.102


[4]. H.I. Elim, Nanomedicine with Its Multitasking Applications: A View for Better Health, IJHMCR 2 (02), 353-357 (2017).

[5]. H.I. Elim, Physics of Multitasking Nanomedicine, IJHMCR ( 2 (03), 509-519 (2017).

[6]. H.I. Elim, P. Nanlohy, Rayi Lalita, Nur Sahartira, Hanti Silawane, and Agus. S. Atmadipoera, TYPICAL CHARACTER IN THE SOUTH OF BANDA SEA BASED ON THICKNESS AND VARIABILITY IN THE UPPER LIMIT THERMOCLINE AREA AND ITS RELATIONSHIP WITH SOUND VELOCITY, International Journal of Health Medicine and Current Research Vol. 2, Issue 04, pp.641-645, December, 2017.

[7]. Pieldrie Nanlohy, Nur S. Hehanussa, I Wayan Nurjaya, Agus. S. Atmadipoera, and Hendry.I. Elim, A UNIQUE CYCLONIC AND ANTI-CYCLONIC EDDIES CURRENT CHARACTER IN BANDA SEA, International Journal of Health Medicine and Current Research Vol. 2, Issue 04, pp.600-604, December, 2017.


[8]. D. Darbara, M.R. Anilkumard, V. Rajagopalanb, I. Bhattacharya, H.I. Elim, T. Ramakrishnappaf, F.I. Ezema, R. Jose, M.V. Reddy, Studies on spinel cobaltites, MCo2O4 (M = Mn, Zn, Fe, Ni and Co) and their functional properties, Ceramics International 44 (2018) 4630–4639 (2018).

[9]. H.I. Elim, and A.L. Mapanawang, THE ATTRACTIVE DIFFERENCES OF TWO TYPES OF HERBAL MEDICINE FROM ZINGIBERACEAE FRUIT (GOLOBE HALMAHERA), International Journal of Health Medicine and Current Research 3 (01), 799-806 (2018).

[10]. H.I. Elim, and A.L. Mapanawang, Electronics physical system of large antioxidant structure in herbal medicine based Zingiberaceae fruit: Understanding and application, J. Nanomed. & Nanotech. Vol. 9, p. 65 (2018) (Abstract & Biography).

[11]. A.L. Mapanawang, and H.I. Elim, Chemical bonding characters of love herbal medicine, J. Nanomed. & Nanotech. Vol. 9, p. 63 (2018).

[12]. H.I. Elim, and A.L. Mapanawang, Electronics physical system of large antioxidant structure in herbal medicine based Zingiberaceae fruit: Understanding and application, Nanotechnology & Applications Vol. 1 (1) (2018).

[13]. A.L. Mapanawang, and H.I. Elim, Chemical Bonding Character of Love Herbal Medicine: A Prominent Medicine Candidate for Preventing HIV Virus, Nanotechnology & Applications Vol. 1 (1), pp.1-4 (2018).

[14]. A.L. Mapanawang, and H.I. Elim, Unique Chemical Bonding Behavior of Love Herbal Medicine and Its Conjunction with Chemotherapy Drug, J. Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology 9(3), 1000503 (2018).

[15]. H.I. Elim, Scientific Breakthrough Based on Natural Creation: “1 Diamond with 7 Eyes”, COJ Reviews and Research Vol. 1(1), pp.1-4 (2018).

[16]. Hendry I Elim, Pieldrie Nanlohy, Nasrin Silawane, I Wayan Nurjaya, and Agus S Atmadipoera, Sound Velocity Properties due to Salinity, Temperature and Depth of The Whole Banda Sea: A Marvelous Thing of The ~318 Meter Surface of Deep Sea, Adv. Theo. Comp. Phys. Vol. 1, Issue 1, p.1-5 (2018).

[17]. Hendry I. Elim1,2,3,4* , Wei Ji5 , Mohan Singh Dhoni5 , N. Venkatram5 , Jian Yang 6 , and Jim Yang Lee6 , Aspect-ratio Dependence of Optical Nonlinearities on Resonance with Longitudinal Surface Plasmon in Au Nanorods: Unique Character versus Common Behavior, Science Nature Vol. 1, Issue 1, pp. 1-7 (December 2018). DOI: SNVol1Iss1pp001-007year2018. e-ISSN: 2654-6264

[18]. Hendry Izaac Elim, Psychology and spiritual technical strategy in pre-natal transformation process for the salvation of both mother and baby, Gynecol. Obstet. Case Rep. 2018 Volume: 4. DOI: 10.21767/2471-8165-C1-003 (Abstract).

[19]. H.I. Elim, THE FIRST 1000 ATOMS IN HEALING PROCESS: FROM NANOTECHNOLOGY TO NANOMEDICINE, International Journal of Health Medicine and Current Research 3 (04), 1044-1046 (2018). DOI: 10.22301/IJHMCR.2528-3189.1044

Our first Nanomedicine Garden (Since 2017):


[20]. H.I. Elim, Multitasking Herbal Nanomedicine: A Frontier Report, Nanoscale Reports Vol. 2, Issue 1, pp. 22-30 (2019).

[21]. H.I. Elim, Science Nature 2(1), pp.66-70 (2019. 

[22]. H.i. Elim, Kenkyu J. Nanosci. & Nanotech. 5, pp.  (2019).

[23]. H.i. Elim, A L. Mapanawang & M.V. Reddy, CPW Woman and Child Health 1(6), pp.1-11 (2019).

[24]. Hendry Izaac Elim (Elim Heaven) and Long Y. Chiang, 

Nanochip Medicine: Physical Chemistry Engineering, Science Nature 2(1), pp. 86-89 (2019).



Our Outer Research Joy & Activities: “Thinking like a child, Working like A Prof”:

Thinking like a child, working like a prof, 18 Jan 2016

Our 1st Bio-membrane results made by bio-rubbishes from My 1st 4 students who are doing it:

Our 1st biomembrane result from biorubbish, 13-1-2016

Our Work among 12 Nanotechnology Centers of IBM:

Our Work among 12 IBM Nanotechnology Centers, 30th Dec. 2015

Visitation of Matthew MaloyScience & Technology Officer, U.S. Embassy Jakarta:

Visiting of US Embassy, Jakarta Science & Tech-Mathew

Our 1st Christmas Celebration after building since 24th April 2015 on SaTurDay, 19th Dec. 2015

19th Dec. 2015-1st PPNRI-LEMLIT Christmas

NEW NEWS: The Output of our 1 day seminar with the international speaker: Dr. Bernard Mayer, Hamburg Univ., Germany and the national or regional speaker  from ITB, Bandung: Dr.rer.nat. Mutiara R. Putri as follows:

Seminar sehari FMIPA-Phys-PPNRI,27-10-2015

1 Day Seminar Captured

Our People & Facilities: Not about The size, BUT about The Quality

God, Scientist and Science, 19th Oct. 2015

Our People & Facilities, Not about the size, But quality

Our Current Members:

Our Current Member

What We are doing weekly at Our PPNRI-LEMLIT:

2015 Weekly Research Meeting of PPNRI

Sejarah (History of PPNRI-LEMLIT)

Pendirian PUSAT PENELITIAN NANOTEKNOLOGI DAN REKAYASA INOVATIF (PPNRI) dimulai dengan suatu pertemuan singkat antara Dr. H.I. Elim, Kepala Lab. Nanomaterials untuk Fotonik Nanoteknologi (Lab. N4PN), FMIPA, UNPATTI dengan Prof. Dr. R. Osok, Kepala LEMBAGA PENELITIAN (LEMLIT) Universitas Pattimura pada hari Jumat siang tanggal 24 April 2015. Pada pertemuan tersebut dibicarakan mengenai proposal penelitian tentang pembuatan superfiber dari bahan sampah tumbuhan seperti daun-daun, ranting, kulit atau ampas gergaji dari pohon dan multitasking aplikasinya, hingga akhirnya menuju pada sarana di LEMLIT-UNPATTI untuk ruang lab. PPNRI untuk tempat kerja pusat penelitian dari para anggota peneliti yang akan dilibatkan didalamnya. Dari kesepakan pembicaraan tersebut, kemudian dipersiapkan dukungan LEMLIT-UNPATTI untuk menempatkan suatu ruang untuk PPNRI sejak 27 April 2015. Pendirian PPNRI ini berdasarkan motto: Kebijaksanaan kami dari Semangat Kebenaran dan Pengetahuan kami dari Jiwa yang Sehat [1].

The Beauty of Ambon: City of My Born Area

The Beauty of Ambon, T City I was Born

Kepengurusan Organisasi (Head, Secretary and Members of PPNRI-LEMLIT)

Sistem kerja riset pada PPNRI adalah berdasarkan sistem kolaborasi yang saling menunjang untuk kemajuan semua anggota tim yang terlibat di dalamnya. Sebagai Ketua PPNRI, Dr. H.I. Elim langsung diusulkan dan ditunjuk oleh Kepala LEMLIT-UNPATTI, sedangkan para anggotanya dipilih sesuai dengan diskusi bersama. Untuk langkah awal PPNRI ini kami memiliki 1 Ketua, 1 Sekretaris, dan 5 anggota peneliti sebagai berikut:

Ketua      (Head)  : Hendry Izaac Elim, S.Si, M.Si, Ph.D (Email:

Science is about Scientist and Wisdom is about God. 

Current institution: Phys. Dept., FMIPA-UNPATTI:

Our Research Profile: over 2100 citations and h-idex ~ 23 (

Our Research Profile

Here is the blog of Pattimura University, a place where we can freely express our daily activities (please do Not hesitate to visit us,

From Scopus:

My Scopus data on 17th Sept. 2015, ThurSday

Connecting Researcher and Researches:

Sekretaris (The Secretary): Dr. E.K. Huliselan, S.Pd, M.Sc

Steven Huliselan, Dr-P1060377

Anggota  (Members) :

  1. Dr. A. Latununuwe, S.Si, M.Si
  2. Dr. R. Maail
  3. Dr. C.A. Seumahu
  4. Prof. Dr. D. Malle (Head of Biochemistry Lab., Pattimura Univ.; Email: Minggus at biochem409
  5. Prof. D. Malle, Prof. R.M. Osok and I
  6. R. Talapessy, S.Si, M.Sc (Ph.D in progress at Kumamoto Univ., Japan)
R. Talapessy, S.Si, M.Sc (Email: )
  • Tujuan Pendirian (The Aim of PPNRI-LEMLIT)

Tujuan adanya PPNRI di bawah LEMLIT-UNPATTI adalah

  1. Mengembangkan Novel Nanoteknologi Sederhana dengan dampak internasional yang berguna bagi seluruh lapisan masyarakat.
  2. Meneliti dan menciptakan teknologi rekayasa inovasi dengan kerjasama multidisiplinari berbagai bidang ilmu.

Ruang Lingkup (The Scopes)

 Ruang lingkup PPNRI meliputi 5 faktor utama yang dimulai dari factor terpenting hingga produk akhir dari output hasil kerjaan kami sebagai berikut

  1. Sumber dari Yang Benar (The source of The Truth) [1].
  2. Teologi dan Filsafat Ilmu (Theology and Science Philosophy) [2].
  3. Seni Keilmuan Sains (Science in Arts) [3].
  4. Nanosains dan Nanoteknologi (Nanoscience and Nanotechnology) [4].
  5. Aplikasi dalam berbagai bidang (Multitasking applications) [5-7].

Our Supported Small Islands Developments

(PUPPK, Website: ):

Poster-Support Riset Unggulan Pulau-pulau Kecil


Output dari PPNRI adalah berupa hal yang real meliputi 3 hal penting yang berdampak internasional sebagai berikut:

  1. Paper Internasional (International papers).
  2. Prototipe devais (Device prototype).
  3. Patent dan produk-produk inovatif.

Our Contributions to society:

1. Pattimura university Science Fair 2015: Our Novel Fibers from many types of garbage (rubbish materials in nature).


2. Our contribution to Murnaten Agriculture High School, West Seram, Maluku, Indonesia on SaTurDay, 17th January 2015.


3. Our Voluntary Contributions to a variety of societies:

Our Voluntary Contributions to a variety of societies

4. Maluku 2016 Educational Festival: (Here a photo of My 2 research students: Bellatrix Matitakapa & Murniati Ode with Indonesia Minister of Culture and Primary & Secondary Education: A.R. Baswedan (Anies Rasyid Baswedan, Ph.D (born 7 May 1969 in Kuningan) ) with our souvenir for the visitor in our staff: An International Educational System from Dr. H.I. Elim)

Bellatrix Matitakapa, Anis Baswedan, Murniati Ode- 1456714457608

5. Our social work contribution entitled as “PHYSICS for FUN” to SMP Neg. 6, Pelita Jaya, Osi Island, West Seram, Maluku in conjunction with 18th FMIPA-UNPATTI birthday celebration on 26th February 2016:


Our International Conference Contributions:

1. A Keynote speaker at 1st International Seminar in Basic Science, 3rd -4th June 2015, FMIPA, UNPATTI, Ambon, Indonesia

My 1st Presentation as A Keynote Speaker from Lab. N4PN & PPNRI-LEMLIT

2. Our 1st Research Group at 1st International Conference on Applied Marine Sciences and fisheries Technology (MSFT), Tual, Maluku, Indonesia on 18th – 21st August 2015. 2 Senior Researchers plus 5 research students came there.

“The Wiseman: A Hard Working Person is sitting among kings and honor people” (Prov. 22:29)

With Prof. Hans Glise, and Wife of a famous Scientist-DSCN7561


Our friends met during our conference journey: We are “kalifah” a foreigner and a stranger on earth:

With KM Tidar and Banda Island background on 17th August 2015

3. Our 1st International collaboration paper selected to be published at AMR at QiR 14th International Conference in Lombok, Indonesia on 10th – 13rd August 2015. About over 500 attendees from at least 17 countries: One of the biggest International Conference in Quality in Research in Indonesia.

with Prof. A.H=Herman Yuwono-DSCN4934We studied PhD at the same in take, I finished it 1st on 13 Dec. 2005, But he got His Prof.  faster than Me.


One of the symposium room from many rooms, Hotel Lombok Garden plus Hotel Lombok Raya.

We are open to anyone who is eager to do a great job under an excellent collabaoration with us:

Please contact us directly at: Hendry Izaac Elim, Ph.D




A Plenary Speaker at  International Seminar about Character Building Through Educational Sciences on 13rd-14th November 2015 in Ambon.

Our Foreign Visitors:

1. Prof. Yeon-Su Kim, North Arisona University, USA. (Here are Prof. R.M. Osok, Prof. A. Kastanya, Prof. Kim and I)

Prof. Yeon Su Kim-North Arisona Univ, USA-IMG_20150518_092034

Local Scientist Visitors:

1. Dr. R. Hindersah, Agriculture Faculty, Padjadjaran  University, Bandung, Indonesia


2. The visiting of Indonesia ex-minister of Industry, Prof. Alex. Retraubun, Ph.D (TuESday, 20th Oct. 2015):

     While I was teaching My students, Physics at our seminar room.

Visiting of Indonesia ex-ministry of industry, 20th Oct. 2015-TuESday

Our Graduated Research Students:

The Situations among the B.Sc exams-TuESdaay, 14th July 2015

NEW EVENTS (Coming Soon ..Cheers)

1. The War of The Beast (Rev. 13:1-10) and God, the Almighty (Rev. 22:13):


Research Links:

1. Free Pdf Currect Papers (both under reviewed or have been accpeted and published kin an International Journal):

2. Check your academics achievements:

3. Make your own Researcher ID freely and it will then links your Web of Science:

4. Just suggest you: Do your best daily with simple thing best.

5. Unpatti e-journals:

6. Nature Energy (“Semuanya tidak muncul tiba-tiba“)

Nature energy, Vol 1 Issue 7, 3-8-2016

Indonesia Research Grant Institution

Daftar Pustaka 

[1]. Holy Bible: Philipians. 4:7-8; John 14:17; Prov. 6:2,6,10.
[2]. H.I. Elim, unpublished (
[3]. H.I. Elim, Not for sale original Spiritual Arts Collections (
[4]. H.I. Elim, et. al, 2015, accepted at International Conference QiR-Lombok.
[5]. H.I. Elim, 2015, abstract submitted to CLEO-South Korea (no news of acceptance).
[6]. H.I. Elim, 2015, presented as A Keynote Speaker at International Seminar of 17th FMIPA-UNPATTI Dies Natalis.
[7]. H.I. Elim, et. al. 2015, 1st International conference on Applied Marine Science and fisheries Technology, Poltek Tual, Southeast Maluku, Indonesia.

[8]. H.I. Elim, et al., In Preparation to International Journals (based on Phili. 4:7-8: 8 Wisdoms of God)

[9]. H.I. Elim (Elim Heaven), et al., JESE B 4, pp. 620-623 (2015) (Invited paper).

How to find: “Palungan” House, The Place where I currently stay (Prov. 21:2; Jer. 17:10):  

…God with Us….

The animals surrounding God